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    Thomas Köhn
    Samedi 10 Novembre à 19:35

    My Name is Thomas.

    I would like to send you my song (mp3-file) with the cd-single-facts and the cover front & back (pdf-file):

    Song "Emotion" from my music group "EMOTIONAL" (Anita Burck & Thomas Köhn).

    Please visit the homepage (www.anitaburck.de) - if you like my song, it would be nice to play my song on your radio stations.

    I would be very happy.

    Please can you give me your e-mail-adress?

    That would be very nice from you.

    I say in advance thank you for your time to answer me.

    Yours sincerely,


    (Mail => thomaskoehn@gmx.de)
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